Ventures & Subsidiaries


  • Rubber Plantation :

Out of 2360 Ha. of Land leased out from Government we have planted rubber in the year 1982 & 1983 in a total area of 1820.85 Ha. the total area is bifurcated into Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ estates.  Chithalvetty and Kumaramkudy estates comes under Group ‘A’ whereas Group ‘B’ is comprising of Mullumala, Kottakkayam, Ambanar and Cheruppittakavu estates.  The total extend of rubber plantation under each Group is as detailed below.

595 .50 Ha.
Kumaramkudy 395.98 Ha.
991.48 Ha.
Mullumala 148.04 Ha.
Ambanar 176.72 Ha.
Kottakkayam 96.72 Ha
Cheruppittakavu 407.89 Ha.
829.37 Ha.
Group-A + Group-B 1820.85 Ha.

Apart from Rubber, the Corporation has 229.84 Ha. of Cashew Plantation. The swamps and marshy land extending to 50 Ha. unsuitable for Rubber & Cashew cultivation has been planted with coconut, pepper and Arecanut.  A total area of 260.09 Ha. comprising of roads, buildings, Factory and Rocky patches is left as ends.

  • Latex Centrifuging Factory :

SFCK is one of the major producers of high quality Centrifuged Latex(cenex)  in India. The Corporation commissioned a Latex Centrifuging Factory at Chithalvetty in 1997.  The Factory is having a processing capacity of 27 Mts. of  field latex per day in three shifts. We are producing 60% Centrifuged Latex(Cenex) and its standard by- products .

Our product, Cenex (ie.60% Centrifuged Latex) has got BIS  Certification (ISI mark) and Factory has got ISO 9001: 2008 Certification of NQA (National Quality Assurance),  London.

  • Trivandrum Rubber works Ltd.

The Management of TRW was entrusted with us in 1994 and the production activities of which were stopped in November 2005 due to the government notification to transfer the land of TRW to Airport Authority of India.  The land was formally handed over to Airport Authority and now TRW is under liquidation proceedings.

  • New Projects